A software application for the surgical planning of total hip replacement based on CT images

what is HipOp-Plan


HipOp-Plan is a software application for the surgical planning of total hip replacement based on CT images. The software helps orthopedic surgeons obtain an accurate preoperative planning that is best possible for the specific patient.
features a user-friendly workflow to interactively position the implant components, perform measurements and create reports from CT images.

what's new in HipOp-Plan 2.0


    Major Features:
    • DICOM Importer
    • 4 display layouts with arbitrary slicing planes
    • Implant components Importer
    • Interactive positioning of the implants
    • Automatic and custom measurements
    • Creation of screenshots and reports

    Typical Workflow
    • Import DICOM
    • Select Side of Prosthesis
    • Add Acetabular Prosthesis
    • Add Femoral Prosthesis
    • Perform 2D Measurements
    • Generate Report

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The user can import CT images in the DICOM standard and possibly crop the images arbitrarily. 3D models of the implant components can be added to the database of prostheses. In the surgical planning, the acetabular and femoral components are imported according to the selected side of prosthesis.

The user can find and choose all the different components and parameters of the selected implant manufacturer, and can position the prostheses by interactively moving the components in the view area and/or by manually selecting translations and rotations.

There are 6 transverse slicing planes that can be arbitrarily moved to help improve the accuracy of prosthesis positioning and 2 additional transverse planes that allow a blend visualization of all CT slices from top to down. In addition, an arbitrary slice can be defined and moved to cut the prosthesis and improve positioning, including the default implant frontal plane.

The acetabular offset is automatically calculated and updated whenever the implant components are moved. Predefined and additional custom measurements are available. Screenshots are possible in any display layout and reports can be created, customized by the user and printed.